A custom sculpture made just for your home, lodge or business.

Dear Collector

Thank you for your interest in my work. Over the years I have found great joy in creating original leather fish sculptures for my patrons. These sculptures have added beauty and character to numerous homes, yachts, professional offices, fine restaurants, and lodges throughout the world. My goal is to share with others, my passion for fish and angling by creating the most exclusive and exciting work possible.

Although I am known for creating larger than life fish sculptures I also sculpt life size works to match specific measurements. This allows my patrons to display a visual record of their prize catch and releases, dream fish, or to reproduce the memories of a special trip. An installation scene is another way to transform your selected space. Incorporate leather rocks, leaves, and a crayfish with a Steelhead sculpture and you begin to imagine the sound of the river. By installing a group of flying fish in front of a Dorado, the sculpture becomes charged with action.  Whether it is a leather kelp background for your calico bass, an eight-foot brown trout, or a grouping of your favorite fish, the results will be stunning.

As an artist I enjoy the personal touch involved in creating commission work. Prices are determined by size and the estimated time required to create the vision. My sculptures are labor intensive and many sculptures take over a month to complete. I require approximately three-six months to deliver a sculpture and a fifty percent deposit to schedule each commission.

Please call with any questions regarding commission work or other recently completed sculptures on show in my studio gallery.

See you on the water,


Lance Boen putting the final touches on a sculpture.