Fine Art

Original sculptures hand tooled by Lance and ready to become part of your fine art collection.

Commissions are welcome if you would like a custom sculpture.

Bucking Rainbow Trout w/Whip

Bucking Rainbow Trout with Whip

6′ | Leather
$16,500 (SOLD)

This six foot long outlaw with holstered fly rod and whip is finely tooled, sharp and reminiscent of an Eastwood or Indiana Jones character.


Trout on the Levi River

50″x28″x8″ | Levis, Leather, Vintage Saddle Tack, and Antler

I have always been drawn to the beautiful color and look of worn Levis.  The contrast of the leather patch on the faded blue denim inspired the color and texture elements of this river installation.  I imagine the association between gold miners panning thin the river while their jeans begin to fade and blend with the watery blue colors.  Gold and Trout are treasures on the Levi River.

Can Of Worms

Can of Worms

49” | Leather, Vintage Boots and Baseball Gloves

A catfish lies deep in the mysterious muddy waters of this gritty all-leather installation.  Fishing reel, beer can, lure, and a can of worms are all hand sculpted out of leather. The intertwined objects and rich textured surfaces will keep the viewers eyes exploring.

While pond fishing as a child, my imagination would run wild wondering what was deep within the mysterious muddy water.  Catfish fishing is best at night. When the lantern illuminated the pond it only heightened the possibilities in my young imagination.  This sculpture invites the viewer to sink slowly to the very bottom while exploring all the hidden details.

Tattooed Trout, a leather sculpture of a trout with hand tooled images of a Bigfoot, lochness monster, mermaid, and other fictional characters.

Tattooed Trout

39” | Tooled Leather

Many anglers featured in fishing journals now have tattoos that show images of their passion for fish and fishing.  I had some fun with this sculpture pretending that the trout enters a tattoo studio and gets fully inked from head to fin.  Some of the tattoos are timeless classics, others are jut absurd, and a few reflect my own interests.  The Bigfoot tattoo is my personal favorite.

A finely detailed permit fish is mounted on a background of horizontally ripped jeans to create the effect of being in the ocen.

Florida Permit on the Levi Flats

51″x35″x7″ | Tooled and Painted Leather
Permit with Background: $8,900 (SOLD)

This Florida and Pirate themed Permit glides through the beautiful blue flats that are created from vintage Levi jeans and Leather.  Every inch of this Permit is covered with intricate detail that tells the story of Florida’s iconic legends and the true treasure of finding and catching a Permit.

The Permit can be sold with or without the background.  Permit dimensions: 36″x22″x6″

Old Man Of The Sea Installation

Old Man Of The Sea

82” | Leather
$18,500 (Sold)

Old Man of the Sea was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea”, this piece has Marlin fins that circle the perimeter with a Marlin and other sea creatures hand tooled into the Dorado. Vintage fishing rods frame in the Dorado and represent the hunt and experience of deep-sea angling.

Fly Ball Eagle; The American Sport

Fly Ball Eagle; The American Sport

11′ 8″ | Leather & Vintage Baseball Gloves
$24,000 (Sold)

Fly Ball Eagle; The American Sport, is an eleven-foot, eight-inch sculpture created from vintage baseball gloves that I began collecting in graduate school, where I received a Masters in Fine Arts in 1997. This work is inspired by the nostalgia that comes from a well-worn and much loved glove. It seems every person can tell you about their first glove, quickly recalling the feel, the look, the smell, the game, and all of the Major League dreams along the way.

Each vintage glove is a beautiful sculpture in itself, holding its own story. Many of the gloves in this collection still retain a child’s name, hand-penned next to the pro’s stamped autograph. My goal in creating this sculpture was to display the entire collection while conveying the spirit of the game in a single work of art.

To me, the gloves, with their leather fingers, resembled bird feathers. When laid out next to each other the began to transform into great wings. These wings naturally belonged to the Bald Eagle. The head and body are sculpted from gloves and at the heart is a catcher’s mitt holding a baseball that I hand crafted.

The gloves represent Major League dreams; the Bald Eagle represents the American sport; The Eagle in flight, catching the fly ball, represents the heart of the game, and gives the sculpture its name: Fly Ball Eagle; The American Sport.

A bass fish sculpted from leather lies within a tangle of lily pads while two toad copulate on one of the lily pads.

Bass & Toads

40”x26″x10″ | Leather and Vintage Saddle Tack
$ 9,800

Ponds and lakes conjure childhood memories of summers catching frogs, toads, snakes, tadpoles, and fish…and later teenage memories of warm summer nights parked by the water’s edge getting romantic like the two toads in the lily pads.  Decorative vintage saddles and tack were used to create the lily pads in the bass and toads’s environment.

3 Dimensional Florida Red Fish made from tooled leather.

Florida Red Fish

36″ | Tooled & Painted Leather
$3800 (Sold)

Cowboys and Indians

43”x28″x8| Vintage Saddle Tack and Baseball Glove
$ 9,800

Cowboys and Indians is a fun western themed fish installation.  I have incorporated rattlesnake skin and bullets on the two lead characters.  Vintage saddle tack is used to create the streambed environment and the illusion of moving water.  This beautifully weathered saddle tack came from a second generation ranch in Kingsman, Arizona, which would have mad a perfect set for an old western.

Brown Trout with Background 42″ | Leather & Acrylic Paint

Brown Trout with Background

42″ | Tooled & Painted Leather
$3600 (Sold)

Leather fish sculpture, Autumn Rainbow. A sculpted rainbow trout is mounted on a backdrop of a river flowing behind it and leaves and rocks surrounding the trout.

Autumn Rainbow

50″x36”x6″ | Tooled & Painted Leather
$8500 (Sold)

Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter as the duration of daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the temperatures cooler.  Leaves of green give way to hues of yellow, orange, and red in a show of fall splendor.  Some species of trout spawn at this time of year sand change color as they seek a mate and a safe laying grounds.  This is my favorite time of year to wade in the river and connect with nature through fly fishing.

Walleye larger than life size : 42” Leather & Acrylic Paint

Walleye Larger than Life

42″ | Tooled & Painted Leather

Steelhead Lifecycle Leather Fish Sculpture

Steelhead Lifecycle

36” | Leather & Acrylic Paint
$ 4200 (Sold)

When I am Steelhead fishing I always think about the odyssey of this beautiful and elusive fish. I have incorporated imagery that tells the story of its migration from fresh water to salt water and back again.

Baitfish tooled on the top of the sculpture represent the food source of the Steelhead while in the ocean. Spawning fish, Great Blue Heron, and fall leaves on the bottom of the fish represents life in the Steelhead’s home river.

King Salmon Leather Fish Sculpture

Salmon Mandala

38”| Leather & Acrylic Paint
$ 4800 (Sold)

The Alaskan experience comes to life as all five salmon species are represented on the surface of this powerful King. Natural predators like the eagle, bear and osprey are depicted to show the salmons great journey and cycle of life.

Cape Buffalo with Tick Bird

48” | Leather & Found Objects

Cape Buffalo Impact is sculpted of dyed black leather objects intended for impact. Everything about this sculpture gives reference to impact and speaks of the Buffalo’s speed and power. The leather objects include a boxing speed bag, vintage baseball gloves, work boots, and holster belts which have been spun to create the forty-eight inch horns.

The textured leather objects are worked together so fluidly that they capture the essence of this bold creature. The eyes seem to demand the viewer’s attention as if to say, “Don’t turn your back on me.”

Map of Africa Big Five

36″ | Tooled & Painted Leather
$3600 (Sold)

Take Africa Home. Show your friends where you have traveled to on your latest safari. Each country is outlined in gold, and if you look closely you will find the Big Five watching you.

Leather Rattle snake with images of guns

Rattlesnake Gunfighter’s Draw

53″x21″x2″ | Tooled & Painted Leather/Decorative Stitching

This intricately tooled rattlesnake tells the story of an old west face to face gun fight.  Details of six-shooters and leaves blowing down the dusty road create the texture down the back of this creature.  The rattlesnake represents the speed of the draw and danger of the duel.

Leather Rattle snake with images of guns
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Laguna Seca Racetrack

36” | Tooled & Painted Leather
$3600 (Sold)

Fifteen minutes from Lance’s studio is the Laguna Seca Racetrack. This map is hand-tooled and dyed to represent the racing spirit of Laguna Seca.