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Observing Nature

“Young Lance Marshall Boen would lie face down on the deck of his father’s home on the slopes of 10,000-foot Mount Baldy, northeast of Los Angeles, peering down into a pool, intently watching the fish he had caught and stocked there. He would watch every lazy curl of the tail, each graceful twist of the body, each glint of light on the multicolored scales, each tilt of the head as the fish broke the surface to take an insect. He never realized during those quiet afternoons of his youth that he was creating a memory bank that, in later years, would blossom into rare and unique sculptures, which today are collected by anglers from around the world.”

Wildlife Art

Details Tell Stories

“Boen provides different perspectives. From halfway across a room, one sees the overall form, grace and proportion of the fish. But up close, details incorporated into the surface of the fish may speak of its entire life cycle or maybe the fish’s natural environment. A Dorado may have flying fish carved into its back, reflecting part of its environment and part of what it eats.”

Wildlife Art Magazine


“Boen’s fish are not images just tooled on leather – they are fish sculptures, made of leather. The size of the finished work can range from life-size to three or four times life-size, but the proportions are correct, the movement a pure reflection of the fish.”

Wildlife Art Magazine