HRPCustom Lance Boen Hatch Reels

The Lance Boen Limited Edition Series was an absolute success and blast to develop for Hatch Reels. Most of the editions are sold out, but a few fly reels are still available. I’m looking forward to working on future projects with John and Danny at Hatch Outdoors and will be sure to keep you updated on what’s new.

Lance Boen 3 Plus Waters Bounty

Lance Boen 3 Plus
“Water’s Bounty”

$1200 (Sold Out)

Lance Boen 5 Plus "Trout Compass"

Lance Boen 5 Plus
“Trout Compass”

$1500 (Sold Out)

Lance Boen 7 Plus "Into The Flats"

Lance Boen
“Into The Flats”

7 Plus: $1800 (Sold Out)
9 Plus: $2250

Lance Boen 7 Plus "Steelhead Lifecycle"

Lance Boen
“Steelhead Lifecycle”

7 Plus: $1800
9 Plus: $2250

Lance Boen 9 Plus "Chasing Dorado"

Lance Boen 9 Plus
“Chasing Dorado”


Lance Boen 12 Plus "Blue Water Big Game"

Lance Boen 12 Plus
“Blue Water Big Game”


Lance Boen 5 Plus "Trout Compass" (Detail)

Hatch Reel w/ Lance Marshall Boen Signature

Hatch Reel Pouch Detail

Hatch Reel Wine Box Detail

Hatch Reels Insert

Hatch Reels Insert